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Park Güell Barcelona

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Flamboyant yet subtle, Parc Güell is Gaudí’s spectacular imagination on a large scale: an entire park. Featuring public gardens, unique buildings, and an array of nooks and crannies, all with that inimitable Gaudí style. A trip to Park Güell is a chance to get outdoors in sunny Barcelona, and enjoy some of the unique and whimsical artistry of Catalan's favourite son. Pack a picnic lunch, and prepare to be dazzled.

Park Güell has a magic lizard watching over its entrance. (Don't worry if you're lizard-phobic, el drac is a mosaic). In the background sit two quirky gingerbread-style houses - and it just gets more mythical from there.

From the manmade walls, roads, and walkways that mimic natural forms, to the exuberant buildings and colourful tile work, this is basically a Gaudí theme park.

Originally envisioned as a gated community for aristocrats, Count Eusebi Güell's housing project didn't get off the ground. Fortunately, Güell and Gaudí still saw possibility in this plot of land in Barcelona's Gràcia district. Gaudí went to work between 1900 and 1914, and in 1926 Park Güell was opened to the public. It was an immediate hit.

From the forest of stone columns swaying like punchdrunk boxers, to the famous Serpent Bench which winds along the perimeter, to the house which Gaudí himself lived in for the last twenty years of his life, this Modernist masterpiece is a riot of colour, and a festival of fanciful forms.

In 1984 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, a day spent here is full of Gaudí oddity and natural beauty (there are even flocks of non-native parrots that now call the park home - a development Gaudí himself would surely have approved of!).

NOTE: Access to the Casa Gaudí Museum (Gaudí's former home in Parc Güell), requires a separate ticket.

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The tickets for Park Güell Barcelona cost from 5,96 £. Don't miss the chance to get a ticket for one of the city's best tourist attractions.

Parque Güell

Parque Güell

Parque Güell

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