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Day trip to Toledo

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Day trip to Toledo

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Day trip to Toledo 

¿Have you heard of Toledo? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Spain on this day trip. Toledo is full of history, mouth-watering gastronomy and outstanding architecture.  

The departure time is at 09:00, although we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before. 

Toledo is a medieval city that allows Christians, Muslims and Jews to coexist in a peaceful manner, because of this during the trip you will see many monuments of different religions. 

Visit the Santa María La Blanca, currently a museum, which was constructed in 1189 as a synagogue by Muslim architects during the Christian rein for the Jews to pray. It was probably the only synagogue made in the Muslim style. 

After this, it was converted into a church. Toledo was most famous for centuries for its steel production and industry, you will learn how they forged the mental into spears, the chosen armour of the Romans after the Punic wars. Travel through the history of a well-known city like The City of Three Cultures

Toledo is full of history and beauty, a complete city, which has been named a world heritage site by the UNESCO. In the Toledo Cathedral, constructed in the 13th century, you will recognise the magnificence of the Spanish gothic architecture in all its splendour. Inside you will discover paintings by El Greco, decorated altars, stained glass windows and the main altar which is 3 metres high, made of silver and gold, which was historically used as display cabinet for various devoted objects. You will also visit the Christ of Light (Cristo de la Luz) Mosque. 

Although Toledo was extremely peaceful and passive, it was famous for its armour. In the Medieval Ages, if you wanted to have the deadliest spear you would have to buy one in Toledo. 

The day will end with a tour to see the city. A postcard perfect city, that sits perched on a rock, surrounded by the river Tagus. 

The ticket includes

  • Transport via an air-conditioned bus 
  • Multilingual guide: Guaranteed tour in English and Spanish 
  • Entry to the monuments featured in the description 
  • Food and drink, if you want it you must reserve it 

Additional information

  • In order to change your e-ticket for a physical ticket you should go to the Julia Travel Agent (located on Calle San Nicholás, 15, 29013, Madrid) 
  • Remember to bring food. If you don’t want to bring food you can reserve the option to have: - A touristic lunch that includes: vegetable stew, steak fillet with green beans and chips, vanilla ice cream and fruit salad. The drinks are not included. - A typical lunch that includes: Spanish starters and tapas, roasted pork with vegetables, chocolate truffle cake with ice cream, and wine, water and coffee. 
  • The lunch for children aged 6 or below isn’t included, if they want to eat, you can pay for their lunch whilst at the restaurant. 

Tickets for the day trip to Toledo 

The tickets for the day trip to Toledo cost from 61,30 £. A marvel that is located just next to Madrid that you cannot leave without visiting – the history and architecture will leave you speechless. Buy your ticket already!


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