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The Castle

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The Castle

Far from home in a foreign Land, K struggles single-mindedly to unlock the secrets of the Castle. He wages a war of wits against the elusive official Klamm, certain that it is only by standing face to face with the divine authority of the Castle that he will ever find his place within this strange society. But will his pursuit alienate him completely from his fellow man?

Old Dog Theatre’s adaptation of Kafka’s final and unfinished novel will explore the lonely landscape of ‘The Castle’ through the use of puppetry and movement bringing the work of the great modernist writer brought to life on the stage. By staging K’s choice between his Faustian pursuit of the Castle authorities and his budding romance with his fiancée, we will be delving into one of Kafka’s most nuanced works and exploring what we must give up in order to make peace with the society around us.

Written and directed by Trevor White.



Tickets for The Castle in Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times

  • Thursday 16th of May of 2019 at 9pm.


  • General Admission £10 + booking fees.
  • Concession £8 + booking fees.

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