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Stable Boy

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Stable Boy

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Stable Boy

"There comes a time in every stable boy’s life where he has to make a choice. Do you want to just be stable all your life, boy?”

Samthony is tired. Tired of working until his back aches in the hot sun. Tired of being just a lowly stable boy. When he hears the call to adventure, will he have the guts to do what’s right?

This is a dark comedy about family, self-worth, and redemption. A cinematic whirlwind of adventure and family stability. It’s like if The Avengers was set in the Middle Ages. And was about a stable boy.



Tickets for Stable Boy at The Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times:

  • Saturday 28th of July of 2018 at 1:30pm


  • General Admission  £7.50 + administration fees
  • Concession £5 + administration fees

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