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Punk Princess

Punk Princess a show in which Magenta takes you on a journey with her through her struggles with saying the right thing leading to being in many situations she should have learnt

To avoid. A near miss ritualistic killing in Leicester square and accidentally stabbing someone to name but a few. Then she takes a right onto transgender road taking you through her journey of self exploration and some of the bumps she has faced most of which are her own fault. Growing tired of the heavy topics she finally veers onto love boulevard leaving the car a smoking wreck. She lays into her hatred of love how she hates loving her partner and the things he has to put up with before finally ending with how she tried to write a love song and failed abysmally. (Don’t worry no audiences ears shall be harmed by her attempting to sing).

  • Dates and times: Sunday 4th of November 8pm
  • Ticket price: £6.5 + booking fees

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