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Pop! at Etcetera Theatre Camden 
Isa Bonachera presents her debut stand-up show. Isa's story is a familiar one, a nerdy student who went to a good university, got a sweet job, and hated all of it. Early this year, she decided to quit without a plan only to have life slap her smug face back to reality. Isa finds humour in unemployment, loneliness, and broken dreams. 
Pop! is a show about the upside of quitting and navigating life without a direction. Come and find out how long you can endure a Spanish accent.
Previous praise:
"the best stand-up I have ever seen" Will Maclean, The Cambridge Student
“had everyone beside themselves” Perdi Higgs, Varsity
“a continuous mixture of laughter and abdominal pain ensued” Eddie Spence, The Tab
“fresh, spontaneous humour” Hettie Blohm, The Tab
“will surely go far” Carl Wikeley, The Cambridge Student
"a showcase of Cambridge’s late night wit and sharpness" Ella Whiddett, Varsity
“a particular brand of genius” Isobel Cockerell, The Tab
Pop! at Etcetera Theatre Camden 
  • Monday 27th March at 7:30pm
  • Tickets £7 + booking fees

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