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Tickets for Hell Was Passchendaele at Clearwell Caves

Hell Was Passchendaele at Clearwell Caves

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Hell Was Passchendaele at Clearwell Caves

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Hell Was Passchendaele

Trailer: https://youtu.be/uw4Tba7hw4E

Ceridwen Theatre Company proudly present a gripping tale of survival, courage and impossible choices in the most terrible of conditions.

Between July and November 1917 an average of 5,000 men lost their lives every day, trying to capture 5 miles of desolate terrain and a village in Belgium.

​Relentless torrential rain filled the shell holes, creating lakes 10 feet deep where wounded soldiers drowned, horses floundered helplessly and whole tanks disappeared.

​Let us descend into this Hell and seek three soldiers cut off from their allies, beset on all sides by enemies and surrounded by unimaginable horror. If they are to survive they must rely solely on one another. Their story is just one amongst thousands- but it is a story that must be seen to be believed.


A unique opportunity to see this production in the beautiful surroundings of Clearwell Caves. You will journey through the caves to the main cavern meeting various characters along the way, then get yourself a drink before settling down for the main performance.


Recommended for ages 12+

A small selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks will be available to purchase inside the caves.


Seating is provided in the main cavern, you are welcome to bring a cushion if you require more comfort.

The temperature in the Caves is cool year round. Clearwell Caves recommend warm clothing and sturdy shoes with good grip.


Twitter: @CeridwenTC

Facebook: @CeridwenTC


Clearwell Caves are real working mines and may not be suitable for people with walking difficulties. The pathways are steep and uneven, they can be wet in places depending on the weather. There are handrails where it is steeper. It is difficult for wheelchairs and not suitable for mobility scooters. 

Visit www.clearwellcaves.com or call 01594 832535 for further information about the venue


Pathways are uneven within the caves please mind your footing and your heads. 



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