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Other People's Teeth

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Other People's Teeth

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Other People's Teeth

Balancing work and love is a struggle, but what if your job is killing people? A hitwoman is trying to reconcile these two aspects of her life. Just starting out in a new profession, she craves the respect of her experienced partner in crime. But when she meets someone who she thinks might be the one, will everything have to change? How much longer can she carry on kicking in other people’s teeth, lying to a man she’s falling in love with? One of these relationships can’t last, and before the hitwoman makes her final decision, the situation is going to get deadly.


Tickets for Other People's Teeth in Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times

  • 7pm on Monday 2nd July.
  • 9pm on Saturday 14th July.


  • General Admission £11.50 + booking fees

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