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North West Wonders

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North West Wonders

  • From 30 jan to 31 jan
  • 53two, Manchester show map
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An evening of performances of around 15-20 minutes celebrating new writing in the North West of England, performed by professional actors.

• ’Constitutional’ written by Ian Grey

Monologue - Joe; a lonely widower. isolated from his community and desperate to reconnect. Will a shocking discovery bring him the attention he craves or change his life forever? 


• An extract from ’Agnes Grey’ written by Sophie Toland 

A young woman finds herself torn from her family and a life of modest comfort, into servitude as a governess and a world of unknowns. Facing threats of austerity, isolation and prejudice, Agnes Grey finds herself struggling to fit into a society where classes are defined and society status is often precarious. This is a new adaptation of Anne Bronte’s novel. 


• ’Mum’s the word’ written by Phil Pearson 

Three hander - A mother will do anything to protect her children, but is it always the right thing to do? Sharon is forced to make a decision when the police come calling for her son. Should she make her son face the consequences of own actions in life, whatever they may be...


• ’Zumba Class’ written by Matt Lidis 

Duologue - Jacquie has told her husband she’s at a Zumba class. She’s actually, reluctantly, seeing a progressive therapist for her third session. Peach is a therapist willing to use any new-age tecnique she can to help her clients. Why Jacquie is struggling to cope with the dull reality of the life she has ended up in and can Peach, with her interesting methods, help?


• ’Come die with me’ written by Vicki Connerty 

Three hander - Rachel and David’s father has just died. Rather than leave him abandoned in a lonely fridge at the undertaker‘s for a week, their mother insists that he be brought home to be with his family until the funeral, a decision that Rachel wholeheartedly disagrees with. As the three of them sit uncomfortably in the living room, contemplating the coffin resting casually on the coffee table, they must learn, together, to navigate the unfamiliar and oft-unpredictable waters of grief. A tale of loss, love and laughter.


• ’Tea for two’ written by Joe West

Duologue - Two builders sit down for a well needed tea break...is anything ever that simple? 


• ’Common ground’ written by Jayne Marshall

Monologue - It’s 1992. It's 2am. And there's only one moving carousel at baggage claim at Manchester Airport. With only a pigeon for company, Sarah grows increasingly isolated and begins to recall the circumstances that have brought her to be alone staring at unclaimed luggage.


• ’Nike and the beast’ written by Sorcha McCaffrey 

Monologue - Fifteen year old Jaz isn‘t sure about her new boyfriend. But she knows she needs new trainers. And when her boyfriend’s sister presents her with a way to get hold of the Nikes she’s always wanted, she finds herself agreeing to something that could be horribly wrong. As she navigates crime, awkwardness and a really big shopping centre, Jaz stars to wonder if the things she thought were important maybe aren’t the things that matter at all. 

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