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An evening of entertainment dedicated to the wonderful Victoria Wood. The event incudes selections from BAPS' past North West Wonders events, as well as brand new poetry, stand-up comedy and a sprinkling of musical nods to Ms Wood herself. 



  • Ash Preston - Stand up comedian


  • Emma Robinson - Performance of 'The ballad of Barry and Freda (Let's do it!) by Victoria Wood


  • Sophie Ellicott and Louise Wilson in 'Zumba Class' written by Matt Lidis 

Duologue - Jacquie has told her husband she's at Zumba class. She's actually, reluctantly, seeing a progressive therapist for her third session. Peach is a therapist willing to use any new-age technique she can to help her clients. Why Jacquie is struggling to cope with the dull reality of the life she has ended up in and can Peach, with her interesting methods, help? 


  • Sophie Toland in 'Common Ground' written by Jayne Marshall 

Monologue - it's 1992. It's 2am. And there's only one moving carousel at baggage claim at Manchester Airport. With only a pigeon for company, Sarah grows increasingly isolated and begins to recall the circumstances that have brought her to be alone staring at unclaimed luggage. 


  • Mia Wilson - Poet/Spoken Word 


  • Pete Gibson in 'Someone's got to do it' written by Clarke McWilliam

Monologue - a dark comedy about a man who cleans toilets for a living. When John meets Lizzie his obsession with hygiene threatens to ruin his one chance of happiness.


  • Rianna Windust (accompanied by) Emma Robinson - Peformance of 'Things would never have worked' by Victoria Wood


  • Rosa Wright - Poet/Spoken Word 


  • Sarah Wilkinson in ’Is there a lesson in “girl” that I missed?’ written by Sarah Wilkinson

Monologue - Emma has a shameful secret. She is rubbish at doing hair. But that is not going to stop her.

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