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North West Wonders

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An evening of performances of around 15-20 minutes celebrating new writing in the North West of England, performed by professional actors. 

  • 'You'll never guess what he's done now' written by Elle Warsop:-

Three hander - Three teaching assistants let off steam and discuss their partners' foibles over the course of several lunchtimes.

Hayley Cartwright - Patti

Tracy Gabbitas - Karen

Lottie Jones - Rachel

Directed by - Paola Arzuffi


  • 'Someone's got to do it' written by Clarke McWilliam:-

monologue - a dark comedy about a man who cleans toilets for a living. When John meets Lizzie his obsession with hygiene threatens to ruin his one chance of happiness.

Pete Gibson - John

Directed by - Emma Bird


  • 'Foundations' by Matt Holt

performed by Louise Wilson and Sophie Toland

Directed by - Darren Jeffries 


  • 'The Cornet' written by Scott Davenport:-

Three hander - Brian, a local Oldham builder who is stoic and no-nonsense is a local brass band leader. He shared this passion with his son, who has passed away, and his grandson who has since gone off the rails and started to hang around with the wrong sort of people. 

Russell Lane - Brian

James Markham - Toby

Jordan Reece - Marvo

Directed by -  Roisin Brehony


  • 'New days and blue days' written by Anna Prior

monologue - Katie is a married mother of two children. She is happily married to her husband and enjoys her job. However, the stresses of her busy life are never far away. 

Kate Byron - Katie

Directed by Deanna Turnbull


'Grand Larceny' written by Marie Greenhalgh

Duologue - Winnie a retired teacher and widow is in conversation with her psychiatrist Doctor Lowe about her feelings of being like a 'prisoner', and how her life has led her to this moment in time. 

Julie Root - Winnie 

James Nicholas - Doctor Lowe 

Directed by - Megan O'Neil


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