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Never Swim Alone

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Never Swim Alone

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Never Swim Alone

Never Swim Alone is a swift, ferocious satire about two Alpha-Males and their ruthless competition to be crowned Top Dog. Frank and Bill, two men in dark suits and bad ties, square off in a twelve-round battle royale of vicious insults and desperate one-upmanship in a bid to win the love of the Referee, a mysterious woman who controls the game and its competitors in a world where the only option is to be the first, and nothing is as it seems. Written by award-winning Canadian playwright Daniel Macivor, the play experiments with form to present a haunting interrogation into perceptions of masculinity, egotism and how trauma shapes who we are. This is a game where the winner has, and will always rule.


Facebook: Forge Collective 




Twitter: @CollectiveForge




  • Date: 27th November - 2nd December
  • Venue: Etcetera Theater
  • Doors: 7:00pm (6pm on Sunday)
  • Tickets: General Admission £11.50 + booking fees


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