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Tickets for Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea

Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea

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Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea

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Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea

Ever feel like you are desperately paddling to stay afloat while everyone else seems to understand the world? Of course you do. You are human. So does visual comedian and clown Jack Stark. Come and laugh at humanity and the banal absurdity of adulthood. Frenzied, silly and (mostly) silent comedy.

Jack Stark is a new persona from the artist behind the critically acclaimed Kiki Lovechild, who has trained with the masters of clowning, including Gaulier and deCastro. A full-time professional idiot, Jack is one of the leading clowns on the cabaret circuit, having worked the variety halls for the last 13 years. This show marks the start of a new chapter of Jack’s work, as he removes the make up and lets his own vulnerability as a human create all the laughter. After all, clowns are humans too.

“a wonderful clown that smacks of the black and white films of old. His physicality is simple and fluid and his enjoyment of what he does shines through brightly.” The Metropolist

“He fills us all with wonder, laughter and love. His performance is always touching, always funny and somehow more beautiful than a sunrise, a sunset or an enchanted forest. His is a unique work of art." Fringe Review


Tickets for Jack Stark: Tea, Bee, Sea at The Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times:

  • Tuesday October 23rd 7pm
  • Saturday October 27th 7pm


  • General Admission - £11.50 + booking fees

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