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Tickets for Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress

Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress

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Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress

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Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress

It’s the end of the world! Or is it actually getting better and is the best it's ever been? Considering that our ancestors met each other with fear and judgement, little did British colonialism know that one day it would be dependent and enriched by the efforts, vision and citizenship of the children of the commonwealth whom it once subjugated. Generations later, one of the descendants of the dispossessed would take stage at the heart of the empire and unify the progeny of all with laughter.



Tickets for Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress in Etcetera Theatre in London

You can buy tickets for Imran Yusuf - Work In Progress in Etcetera Theatre in London for £8 + administration fees

  • Monday 26th of February of 2018 at 9:00pm.

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