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Tickets for I Am Because You Are

I Am Because You Are

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I Am Because You Are

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Tickets for I Am Because You Are in London

  • DATES: Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th of July 2016
  • TIME: 9:30 pm
  • PLACE: Etcetera Theatre
  • PRICE: General Admission - £9.50 + booking fees & Concessions - £7.00 + booking fees

Tickets for I Am Because You Are at Etcetera Theatre, on the 26th and 28th of July 2016

A door, a bridge, an individual. Each can connect or separate space, place, time and people. Bringing together a cast from Canada, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Scotland, Spain and Portugal, this devised ensemble piece reflects on otherness as interdependence. The performers switched memories, reshuffled personal stories, gradually blurring the line between individual memories, merging each image into a common, kaleidoscopic vision of ourselves. In a moment in which bridges are abruptly being closed and islands are moving further away, 'I am because you are' invites the public to question identity building based on the fear of difference. This performance is where we see our future, a safe place in which collective memory is a land to build upon.

Tickets for I Am Because You Are start from £7.00 + booking fees.


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