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Honest Lies

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Honest Lies

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Honest Lies at Etcetera Theatre, London 


Tuesday 6th March, 9:00pm

Wednesday 7th March, 9:00pm

Thursday 8th March, 9:00pm

Friday 9th March, 9:00pm

Saturday 10th March, 9:00pm

Sunday 11th March, 8:00pm

Tickets: General Admission £14 / Concession £12

Venue: Etcetera Theatre, London

When Claire, a naive young actress, gives the worst Shakespearean performance ever seen, Sam, her bitter and disillusioned boyfriend, makes it his mission to teach her the brutal truth of life as an actor. But all is not as it seems. What starts as a darkly comic study of two failed actors trapped in a toxic relationship gradually unravels into a surreal satire on the nature of theatre itself. Filled with humour, humanity and many twists and turns, this exciting new play asks: Why do we watch theatre? Why do actors act? And is theatre actually important?


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