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When Mary O’Brien winds up with her first ever detention slip at the age of 18, she is praying to ‘Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour’ that she is not going to be sharing the room with long serving, notorious detentionee, Olive Michaels.
Olive Michaels, after being caught by a nun in a ‘sinful position’ with a boy on the school grounds, is in her third detention of the week.
Set in Ireland in 1999, Detention tells the story of 50 minutes shared between two very different people about to leave school and set off into the world. Rude, fun and poignant, ‘Detention is a nostalgic and witty snapshot of two young girls exploring what it means to make friends and grow up. It’s both parts hilarious and touching, a must see’.
First performed in Cardiff in 2018 to sell out audiences, gaining a 5* review on opening night, this is Detention’s London debut.
Mary- Ella Ainsworth
Olive- Faebian Averies



Tickets for Detention in Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times

  • Wednesday 17th of April of 2019. 7pm


  • General Admission £12 + booking fees.

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