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Cockroaches at Etcetera Theatre, London

In the last days of the Russian Civil War five refugees flee the impending Soviet rule in search of freedom and a better life, only to find that it takes more than a change of place to escape the hell that their lives have become.

"Cockroaches" is a story about finding virtue in life despite the crumbling world around you, that is as relevant today in Britain as it was 100 years ago in Russia.

"Cockroaches" is an original translation of Mikhail Bulgakov's earlier, uncensored version of "Flight", translated and directed by Anastasiya Sosis.

Dates and Times: Tuesday 13th - Saturday 17th March 7pm

                             Sunday 18th March 6pm

Venue: Etcetera Theatre (London)

Tickets Price: General Admission £11.50 & £9.50 concession + booking fees

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