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Best Served Cold

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Best Served Cold at Etcetera Theatre Camden

Written by Victoria Taylor Roberts and Directed by Sharon Small

Alma is dying. She's had a long life so that's okay with her. What's not okay is that her middle aged son Mitchell's second wife Susan is a manipulative cow with her eye on Alma's estate. Meanwhile Mitchell's roving eye has fallen on a potential third wife and Susan, who saw off his first wife with ruthless efficiency, won't be replaced without a fight. There's going to be trouble. Only Toby, Alma's grandson, can be trusted to help her execute a plan to save both his and his hapless father's inheritance from Susan's grasp - easier said than done when you are bedridden and feigning unconsciousness.

Cast: Yvonne Brunskill, April Small, Alexander Chard, Dominic Goldberg

  • Dates & Times: Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th June at 9.30pm
  • Tickets: General Admission £8.00  + booking fees 

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