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BB#6: Delphine

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BB#6: Delphine

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BB#6: Delphine at Etcetera Theatre

BB#6: Delphine at Etcetera Theatre in London

An honest, funny and heartfelt coming of age piece of new writing whose protagonist Delphine takes centre stage in her very own bedroom.

"Hello, my name is Delphine. My mum says it's French chic but I like it‘cause my favourite animal’s a dolphin."

Up until now Delphine has lived a sheltered life in which she finds escapism in her deepest fantasies and imagination. But a sudden set of circumstances has bubbled up, changing all that. Now Delphine must finally face the joys and difficulties of adult freedom. The decision to risk her own fragile emotions, break free and stand in her own shoes is a terrifying one. Take the journey with her and actor-writer Clare Rebekah Pointing's funny, uplifting and moving one-woman story. Join her in her bedroom, where new worlds burst out through the music and you can help yourself to a mint.
Delphine will make you laugh, cry, break your heart and then mend it again.
A one woman show.

****The Scotsman ‘Perhaps inspired by Alan Bennett’s monologues, Pointing’s writing is funny and true…a celebration of quiet female defiance’

****The List ‘Actor and writer Clare Rebekah Pointing skilfully brings those fantasies to life, embodying a fragile, funny and relatable character… Complemented by the superb writing and acting, it makes for a powerful, emotional and uplifting ending.’

****to do list ‘Delphine herself is reminiscent of Mike Leigh’s most detailed and convincing characters, appearing as a real person with a complete inner life.’

Dates and Times: Thursday 18th January 2018 at 7PM

Venue: Etcetera Theatre, London

Ticket Price: General Admission £10 + booking fees

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