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Tickets for BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre

BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre

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BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre

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BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre 

Three people ensued in a damned love triangle are trapped in a room and condemned to torture each other. This existentialist play explores the judging gaze of others which affects our freedom to make choices. With the harrowing responsibility of freedom of choice however, comes the responsibility and consequence of one's actions. The philosophical question here is whether or not we allow ourselves to be tortured? Do we make choices freely or allow others to lead us through our own bad faith?

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Tickets for BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre in Etcetera Theatre in London

You can buy tickets for BB#5: 'No Exit' by Jean Paul Sartre  in Etcetera Theatre in London for £10 + administration fees

  • Wednesday 17th of January of 2018 at 9pm.

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