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Tickets for BB#5: Her Not Him

BB#5: Her Not Him

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BB#5: Her Not Him

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BB#5 Her Not Him

Bea thinks she’s ‘settling’ for younger girlfriend Ellie, then in walked Jemima, who’s really James, and all bets are off. 
Her Not Him is the story of a gay woman exploring her sexuality openly for the first time, at an older age; and the impact she has on the two people who want a deeper connection with her. 
It’s also comedy drama, about the very human missteps and stumbles we make through thorny issues of sexuality and sexual politics.

Want to go to more than one show? Buy here  Dble BBill#5 Her Not Him + No Exit (J.P. Sartre)

Tickets for BB#5 Her Not Him in Etcetera Theatre in London

You can buy tickets for BB#5 Her Not Him in Etcetera Theatre in London for £10 + administration fees

  • Wednesday 17th of January of 2018 at 7:00pm.

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