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Tickets for BB#2: The Wolves of Erin

BB#2: The Wolves of Erin

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BB#2: The Wolves of Erin

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BB#2: The Wolves of Erin

After Remus' unit is ambushed by the Northern Ireland border, he takes shelter in a barn. His companions for the night are Peter- who he believes took part in the ambush- and Mary the Chair- a local woman Peter accuses of being a werewolf. As the night draws on, Remus must decide who to trust, who wants him dead, and if werewolves are real.

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Tickets for BB#2: The Wolves of Erin in Etcetera Theatre in London

You can buy tickets for BB#2: The Wolves of Erin in Etcetera Theatre in London for £10 + administration fees

  • Thursday 11th of January of 2018 at 7pm.

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