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Avocado Presents

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Avocado Presents

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Avocado Presents

Jacob Migicovsky (the smaller one) and Hamza Mohsin (the larger one) make up both parts of Avocado. Each night we take inspiration from a classic jazz track and flow into a long form that focusses on curious characters and relationships.

Friends for longer than we care to remember, our love of movies, music, and comedy is the glue that holds our melded minds together. The hardest thing to fake on stage is a real connection, so luckily we can just focus on making stuff up.



Tickets for Avocado Presents in Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times

  • Wednesday 20th February of 2019 at 9pm.


  • ADVANCE General Admission £2 + booking fees.
  • ON THE DOOR : £5

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