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At a Crossroads

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At a Crossroads

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At a Crossroads at Etcetera Theatre, London

  • Date: 17th December 2017
  • Times: 3:00 pm
  • Venue: Etcetera Theatre, London
  • Tickets: £10

At a Crossroads is an improvised play performed by Three Worlds.  At the start of the show, audience members are invited to share their current concerns (personal, social or political), suggesting themes they would like to see improvised that day. Based on these suggestions, six actors create a vivid collage of intertwining stories.

Characters from all walks of life are created through vignettes, monologues and richly dramatic scenes, centred on contemporary London but ranging through time and space. Comedy, drama, tragedy and farce collide as the stories build to a dramatic climax and themes consolidate.

‘A beautifully dramatic show with stunning storylines.’ - ImproFestUK 2016


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