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Asockalypse Now

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Asockalypse Now

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Asockalypse Now

Join five intrepid kids as they stumble across a treasure trove of old videotapes, containing the answers to the life, the universe, and everything. Or at least, bits of them. Though it may not answer the biggest questions, ‘Asockalypse Now’ provides you with answers to questions you hadn’t even thought about, like: what makes yoga instructors eerily calm? What did professional Roman magicians think about Jesus? And do ALL girls really want to have fun ALL the time, Cyndi? So come and watch ‘Asockalypse Now’, the only show that’ll have you leaving the theatre with such exclamations as ‘oh yeah there was that one bit’ and ‘it was alright’


Cast: Imogen Townshend, Ben Pollard, Tom Rolfe, Sabrina Cass, Fraser Brown. Directed by Dan Allum-Gruselle.


Tickets for Asockalypse Now in Etcetera Theatre in London

Dates & Times

  • Saturday 2nd of February of 2019 at 9pm.


  • General Admission:  £10 + booking fees
  • Concession: £8 + booking fees