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EONIAN at Etcetera Theatre Camden

Still looking for your soul mate? 
What if your lover is reincarnated famous Spanish painter? How would you handle his mother?
The international holistic female theatre company, Vixen Theatre, invites you to the production of Aeonian by award-winning playwright Vesna Hauschild. Follow the struggles of a high-achieving couple in their twenties, challenged by unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. Explore the journey of an old soul with a very special agenda and discover what can happen when unconditional love is stronger than death.
The play breaks stereotypes about sex, motherhood and the dynamics of contemporary, intimate relationships.
Are you ready to expand your horizons?
We won't just make you laugh.
Directed by Vesna Hauschild
Produced by Vixen Theatre 
Warren - Davey Seagle 
Mistral - Marta Carvalho
Imogen - Kat Boart 
  • Dates & Times: Tuesday 6th June - Saturday 10th June @ 7.30pm, Sunday 11th June @ 6:30 pm
  • Tickets: General Admision £12+ booking fees, Concession £10 + booking fees 
  • Age:14+
  • Running time: 60 mins

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