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New Age Boxing - Live

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New Age Boxing - Live

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New Age Boxing - Live.

Sometimes loved, sometimes hated but always controversial and entertaining, the three rogue agents of the New Age Boxing podcast are going LIVE for the first time to help celebrate the 100th episode.

Join Andi, Terry and Martin as they bring their popular audio format to the stage, discussing the latest boxing news and giving revealing insights into the sport. Mixed in with some a large dose of humour and irreverent conversation, this is a unique chance to come and experience the podcast in person while seeing what does (or sometimes doesn’t) go into the production of the show.

The day after Haye versus Bellew II will mean there is plenty to discuss, as well as looking both backwards at the calendar year and forwards to 2018 in the world of boxing, there will be plenty of opportunities for audience interaction in this one-off experience.

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