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Tickets for Festival Vilar de Mouros 2016

Festival Vilar de Mouros 2016

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Festival Vilar de Mouros 2016

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Festival Vilar de Mouros 2016

(or an incredible opportunity to give life and simultaneously celebrate 50 years, without being Benjamin Button).
Let’s call it Father. They say it was Berço. He has so many lives that it resembles a cat! But in the end, it all comes down to the name of a quiet village and the persistence of a Sir that was a Doctor also and that liked music and getting people together to listen to it. It all started when Dr. Antonio Augusto Barge decided to marry his 2 passions: the music and Minho. It was like that, under the motto “Culture and youth at the disposition of everyone” that the Vilar de Mouros Festival started, in 1965.

Since then until 2016, it is that the story of the most iconic festival in Portugal became well-known: how it expanded, when it started to rise, how it was imposed and also the times when it went down. Curiously, it never got lost or disappeared either. That’s because it’s Vilar de Mouros Festival, the festival of all festivals. Therefore, the beginning of everything. Valuable as it is, it requires to be treasured by those who work in it. It wants to receive emblematic artists. It wants to feel the pulse of the public that vibrates with music. It wants to be honoured by travellers who choose the beauty of Vilar de Mouros as a destination for partying. Because we know all of this, that’s exactly how the Vilar de Mouros festival will be like.

A festival with identity.

A festival where the artists and the public are equally important.

A festival that challenges the senses and values the local gastronomy and culture.

“Culture and youth at the disposition of everyone“ will also be the motto to guide us. This year, with the celebration of the 50th anniversary, the Vilar the Mouros festival comes to life. And as Dr. Barge shouted in 1982, we want “craziness, controlled craziness .. “ at Vilar de Mouros. 

We have a festival!

25th of August

António Zambujo | Peter Murphy | Happy Mondays | The Legendary Tigerman | Peter Hook | Manuel Fúria | Os Náufragos

26th of August

Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark | David Fonseca | Echo & The Bunnymen | Milky Chance | Linda Martini | Neev

27th of August

Blasted Mechanism | The Waterboys | Tindersticks | Bombino | Tiago Bettencourt | Samuel Úria


  • Free access to the historic stage. 
  • Doors open at 16h00.
  • Main stage performances start at: 19h00
  • Free entry for children between the age of 3-5 – must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. 
  • Mandatory exchange of the 3 Days Pass for a wristband. The wristband needs to be kept on until the end of the festival.  
  • The 3 Days Pass includes free camping.
  • The Day Ticket does not include camping. Once leaving, it is strictly prohibited to re-enter the venue.
  • CP/VILAR DE MOUROS ticket will be available soon!
Tickets for Vilar De Mouros 2016 start from €25 + commission fees.


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