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Tickets for MEO Sudoeste Zmar Camping

MEO Sudoeste Zmar Camping

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MEO Sudoeste Zmar Camping

Event information

Tickets for MEO Sudoeste Festival – Zmar Eco Camp

Date: 3rd to 8th of August 2016

Place: Zmar Eco Camp

Price: 162,40€ + commission fees (per person)

Additional information: Check in Zmar: From the 3rd of August

                                       Check out Zmar: From the 8 of August

** Compulsory exchange of ticket for a wristband, to be worn for the whole duration of the festival!**

Tickets for MEO Sudoeste Festival with Zmar Eco Camping start from 162,40€ + commission fees. 

Zmar area:


1. Full festival pass. 

2. Camping at Zmar Eco Campo in a tent* from the 3rd until the 8th of August. Each area has a limit of 6 persons. If you want to avoid sharing the area with people you don’t know, you will have to join a group of 6 people and do the check-in together.

*Please NOTE! You need to bring your own tent!!

3. Each area has access to water and electricity.

4. Parking: only on designated parking areas of Zmar Eco – Parking is limited, so we recommend to purchase your pass as soon as possible. Check in for the festival will also be done at the Zmar Eco Camp, on arrival. All the information about Zmar Eco Camp can be found at www.zmar.eu

Shuttle buses Zmar – Festival:

Zmar provides free shuttle buses from the camping to the festival on the duration of 3rd-7th of August, every 30 minutes from 6pm to 5am. This way, each person is guaranteed a quick and comfortable travel to the festival and back to the camping area.

The bus stop for the shuttle bus that connects camping with the festival is situated next to the free buses to the beach.

Buy your tickets for Meo Sudoeste Festival with Zmar Eco Camp here! Prices start from €162,40 + commission fees.

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