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Tickets for Amplifest 2016

Amplifest 2016

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Amplifest 2016

Event information

Tickets for Amplifest 2016

•        Dates: 20th-21th of August

•        Time: Doors open at 14:00.

•        Place: Hard Club

•        Price: From 75€ + booking fees


Tickets for Amplifest 2016 at Hard Club, from the 20th until the 21th of August 2016.

Amplifest is not a festival, not a formula and not predictable. Amplifest is an experience that lives on the strength, importance and relevance of the artists involved and their ability to bring our and your enthusiasm to the surface in every moment they are on stage; Amplifest is an experience for the curious mind, where the only barrier is the dogma, something that we try to take down with every new effort. 

​T​he six edition will be the best to date and a moment of overcoming, from which we will only draw our minds, bodies and souls from after the last Neurosis’ riff. The lineup, as always, will be handpicked, with eclecticism and without regard to any borders; an eruption that will shape geographies and genealogies as it sprawls.

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The new eruption happens at the weekend of 20 and August 21 in Porto, with the magma burning at Hard Club.

We are counting on you, as always.

Tickets for Amplifest 2016 are 75€ + booking fees.

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