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THE BAD PLUS + Run Logan Run

AGMP presents

Innervisions Festival


THE BAD PLUS + Run Logan Run

The Bad Plus came together at the end of the 20th century and have avoided easy categorization ever since. The intensely collaborative trio has constantly searched for rules to break and boundaries to cross, bridging genres and techniques while exploring the infinite possibilities of three exceptional musicians working in perfect sync.

The band consists of founding members Reid Anderson (bass) and Dave King (drums) and new member Orrin Evans (piano) — a group of passionate collaborators with no single “leader.” 'Never Stop II' is the first full-length release from this lineup, comprised entirely of original music with each member contributing fresh compositions.

Reid Anderson | bass

Orrin Evans | piano

Dave King | drums

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You can buy tickets for THE BAD PLUS + Run Logan Run in Under The Bridge in London for £20 + administration fees.

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