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Backstage at ticketea

We do more than sell tickets, we bring people together with shared passions. Starting with those that make up the team!


Once upon a time

A brief description of our history

In a small office on San Bernardo street, a team of three people decided to create the greatest self- manageable events platform that you could ever imagine: ticketea.

As promoters began to believe in the project, more and more individuals joined the team. Soon after there were 20 workers. Then 35.. and so on until the group reached nearly 70 employees which forms the ticketea team today. We have people working in a variety of areas: sales, development, finance, marketing and design… a real range of specialities- but ever since the beginning everyone has had the same common objective!

The team´s working culture

We are team players!

Both at christmas and during the summer we have team-working days: BBQs, dinners, karaoke… whatever we get offered! Additionally, because we are coworkers, we share the same hobbies, so you'll quite often find us together at concerts, the theatre or at the bar next to the office :P

All for one

We're not going to lie to you, we do have some hard days. But it makes it a lot easier knowing that you can rely on your colleagues to cheer you up, regardless of which department you work in. When it comes to having your back, we're unbeatable!

One can never know too much

When it comes to the digital world, you need to stay up to date,or you're out. At ticketea we are constantly learning and training to ensure we can do our job in the best possible way

What do we all have in common?

Our values


We always look for new ways of doing things. If you are always doing it the same way... what's the point!


We don't like smoke and mirrors. We believe in sincerity and transparency!


We work side by side. We don't know any other way!


We look for simple solutions to complicated problems.


The best decisions are made by analysing the data.


We spend a lot of time together and we like to have fun, because it's healthy... and contagious!

Where we are?

Our offices

ticketea Madrid
Calle de Zurbano 76, 28010 Madrid
+34 902 044 226
MON - FRI from 9:00h to 22h
SAT from 14:00h to 22:00h
SUN from 16:00h to 21:00h