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ticketea's marketplace services

When you go public with your event, our ticketea machinery starts moving. We have a lot of added services to help users find your event and to help you sell more tickets.

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Our websites features

  • 100% responsive

    More than 50% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. How could we not be responsive?

  • 100% secure

    Our users' details are safe, guaranteed by our adherence to the stamp of Online Trust.

  • 100% trustworthy

    Our site can sell thousands of tickets with no issues.

Our services

We provide you with all types of tools that...


We have such a wide variety of events that page visitors always find something they like. We've created some tools that will help you to be a part of this without lifting a finger!

Trending tickets

This tool uses an algorithm to show the most popular events depending on the user’s city.

Recommendation engine

Our system recognises the tastes of each visitor and recommends events adjusted to them.


As always, all our content can be shared on social networks so users can recommend events amongst their contacts. Well, now we even reward people for doing this! Want to find out more about how it works?

ticketea widget

With Ticketea's widget, our affiliates can put on sale events of interest for their followers or visitors. They can do so by filtering the events by category or city, among other options. Your event can be one of them! Even more, you can also use this widget!

Themed pages

We compile various events on a SEO optimized page based on themes, that way users reach the page when they use search engines to get information.

Weekly newsletter

Our team creates a weekly selection with all the most refined events to send to our database. Do you want to be in our newsletter?
Contact us.

Promotional campaigns

You have to look after your clients. For this reason, we tend to launch promotional campaigns so they can get free tickets and other giveaways.

100% responsive web

Our design is completely responsive so the user can purchase tickets when and where they like.

Mobile ticket sales app

We have created an app that helps users discover events and purchase tickets quickly and safely. Also, they can make use of our exclusive mobile features.

Payment methods

We offer various options to help attendees buy tickets: All sales are 100% secure with credit or debit cards (through the payment gateway Adyen) and, if you prefer, we can activate payment through Sofort.

One click payment

Users can decide whether they want to save their card details for future purchases. However, to maintain the security that characterises our purchase process, ticketea doesn’t store this information. This is done by Adyen, our payment gateway.

Cancellation insurance

According to our data, 10% of tickets purchased are not used, sometimes due to a unavoidable causes. That's why we offer cancellation insurance for your customers, so they can always recover their money when justified.

My ticketea

We have designed a personal space where all our users can recover their tickets whenever they need to. They can also manage other things like payment methods or the types of notifications they receive.

Print at home

Your clients can print their tickets from home, saving time and money on delivery costs. Also, if they misplace their tickets they can print them again through “My ticketea”.

Mobile tickets

All our tickets can be saved in Passbook or Passwallet, so your attendees can show their ticket using a mobile phone. Quick and comfortable.

Customer service

When you organise an event with ticketea, you are providing your attendees with a professional customer service team that will help them with everything they need, seven days a week.

Online marketing campaigns

  • Retargeting

    This is an online marketing technique that impacts the users that have visited your event’s page. This “reminder” is placed on social networks to boost your ticket sales.

  • Affiliate marketing

    Websites and social networks are great indicators; by being a part of our affiliate program we make sure they give visibility to the events that the audience is most interested in.

  • SEM

    We launch campaigns on search engines so you don't miss a single sale.

Create your event, it's free!

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