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Ticketea Unite: Everything you need for charity and fundraising events, free

Your ticket to a better world :)

What is it?

Ticketea Unite is our charity initiative. We help non profit organisations with their charity events by offering our online ticketing platform completely free; in other words, we take on the distribution fees.

Who's it for?

Any certified association, foundation or NGO that organises a fundraising event for a charitable cause can be a part of ticketea Unite.

  • Association

  • Fundation

  • ONG

Can we give you a hand?

Ticketea Unite will help you

Take your charity event to the next level

You can use our platform to sell online tickets completely free.

Increase fundraising

You can set up a seating row 0, allowing people to collaborate even if they can't attend the event.

Speed up the entrance

With our free validation app, you can provide safe, fast access to your event.

Services to organise charity events

Online promotion

Find the best ways to promote your event with our free tools and search engine positioning.

Analytical tool

You'll have detailed information on your event: number of visits, where and from what sales channel...

Your event is yours

Download the details of your attendees to keep them up to date about your cause and future events.

Free advice

You can always count on someone from our team to help manage the most important aspects of your event.

Offers and discounts

Increase ticket sales by using discount codes, early-bird specials, etc.

Extra services

You have extra services available such as box office sales, physical tickets and validation personnel... Ask us!

Trust ticketea

In just one year... We’ve helped to organise

  • 305 charity events
  • that have sold 55.000 tickets
  • raising more than 1.000.000 euros

These organisations already trust us

Shall we begin?