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ticketea: a smart platform for smart events

More than ticketing

Ticketea is more than just a ticket selling platform: we are the partner that makes sure your event is a success. We'll help you hang the 'sold out' sign, taking advantage of our knowledge of the sector and our management, promotion and analysis tools.

Take a look at our services and discover all the ways we can help you. Shall we begin?

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Simply put, we're different.

We could tell you that our ticket sales page is 100% secure, easy to use, responsive and robust, capable of selling thousands of tickets at a time. But that’s the least you expect from a ticket selling company, right?

We have many other things that set us apart:

  • Self management

    You can create your event and have your tickets on sale in a matter of minutes. You can make changes or improvements whenever you want. There is nothing better than freedom!

  • Personalised solutions

    We understand that organising a concert, a race or a professional fair are not the same. We have developed custom solutions for each type of event.

  • Professional advice

    All of us at ticketea are experts in our sectors. We are experienced promoters, so we know what we are talking about.

Our services

We provide you with all types of tools so you can...


White label

Sell tickets from your website and make the most of all the traffic that you've worked so hard to generate. With our iframe it’s as easy as copying and pasting.

Hard ticket sales

If it suits you better, we can print the tickets so you can sell paper tickets in hand. Ask us for a price estimate!

App for hard ticket sales

Thanks to ticketea Boxoffice you can sell and print tickets from wherever you like.

Ticket personalisation

We can personalise your tickets however you need.

Log of attendee data

Add a form to the end of the purchase process to gather the information you need about your attendees.

Accreditation management

If your event has various types of audiences, simplify the management with our accreditation service.

Advertising on your tickets

We provide you with your own space so you can promote whatever you want: your brand, other events, special offers...

Discount codes

Encourage event sales with special offers using our discount codes.


Download your attendee’s database and if they consent, you can send them information on future events.

Marketing agency services

You'll have access to our ticket selling and online marketing experience.

Report tools

We have an independent results tool where you can see the most relevant information on your event.

Web analytics

For the more technical promoters, we have integrated Google Analytics to our system. This means you can have more information, not only on your sales but on traffic also: Which channels work best for you, which ones get you the most sales, etc.

Account manager

Although the platform is self manageable, you will always have an account manager ready to help you with whatever you need.

Access control

Our app turns your device into a scanner capable of reading ticket codes. It’s fast and perfectly safe: one ticket, one code.

Free charity events

Ticketea Unite is our charitable initiative that assists NGOs, associations and foundations.

Networking system

If you organise a professional event, your attendee’s objective is to generate business; we have this covered with our customised networking solution.

Technical support

Our team is constantly working for you; if you need it, one of our developers will be ready to help.


We make the paperwork easier to handle; adapted to your needs, we can invoice a person or a business.

Sell tickets online

  • Create all the ticket types you need and automate their release date.

  • Multi Session: Create multiple sessions in just a few clicks.

  • Is your event numbered? If it is, make your own seating plan!

Create your event, it's free!

or if you have doubts, contact us

Do you want to see the most appropriate services based on the type of event you organise?

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Create your event, it's free!

or if you have doubts, contact us