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Create and manage your own webpage for ticket sales without writing a single line of code

What is ticketea Sites?

It's our event aggregator solution that lets you to sell tickets for various events from your own website. You can create as many lists as you like and, thanks to our filters, you can order them from the most general to the most specific. Don't have a webpage? Don't worry. We can make one for you!

Who's it for?

ticketea Sites can be used in an endless amount of situations, but it's especially useful if you...

  • Organise your own events, but haven't got a webpage that keeps them all in one place.

  • Manage a venue with different types of events.

  • Have your own webpage and you would like to sell tickets for our events.

Main features

Your personal and personalised space

100% adaptable

We will create the most suitable page structure for your specific needs, with a design that fits your style. You can also sell tickets using our white label products directly on your site, without redirecting to ours.


You can add and manage your content easily. Create lists from ticketea by simply choosing the filters that most interest you: category, city, user ID, venue...

Responsive design

The design adapts to mobile, is compatible with every browser and of course, supports various languages.


Our team is constantly working to provide the latest in security.

Web analytics

Information is power, and more so if we talk about web traffic. You can see in real time the number of visits you have, where they have come from and how many were converted into sales.

Affiliate tracking

Members of our affiliate program can add their tracking codes to making tracking and assigning commissions easier.

What you need to get started

If you're starting from scratch...

Do you want to create your own webpage from scratch?
Get in contact with us! We'll work out what you need and create your webpage accordingly.

Contact us

If you have your own WordPress and you'd like to sell for your own events...

You just need our free plugin! Search “ticketea” in the plugins search bar on WordPress, download and activate it.

If you're in our a affiliate network or want to sell events on your webpage...

Just search our ticketea plugin on wordpress! It's really easy to use and allows you to add your affiliation details.


Prices made to suit you

Basic package

Let's start up your project! It includes:

  • Personalised study of your business
  • Web design adapted to your style
  • Layout of the webpage on WordPress

Fixed price for the launch of your webpage.


We won't leave you on your own!

We can offer you monthly maintenance if you want

We know each event is unique

That’s why we have customised solutions