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An intelligent solution for demanding events

Increase your benefits and manage your resources

What is it?

ticketea RFID is the ideal technological solution for your event. This product includes a wristband with a microchip where you can load all types of information, and the software to read it. Thanks to Rfid, we can help you to increase your profits, optimise your resources and speed up the organisation of your event.

Who's it for?

ticketea RFID is the best option to get the most out of big events, such as music festivals, professional fairs or sports events.

  • Music festivals

  • Professional fairs

  • Sports events

What does it include?

Cashless system

Thanks to the cashless payment system, your event attendees won't need to take cash with them, preventing lost money and easing payments in shops and bars, which increases your revenue. Attendees can load money onto their wristband before the event in their “virtual wallet”, or at the event in the top-up areas you provide.

We also provide a specific app for your sales points, with all the product information and custom prices for each sales point. This means your team can handle payments quickly and securely, with no chance for errors in calculation or losing money or receipts. Plus, you can see your team's activity in your online control panel to help with your decision-making.


Increase your shop or bar revenue by 15-30%.

Optimisation of resources

When connected, you can get real time information to make decisions such as when you need stock or personnel reinforcements.

No fraud

There are no receipts, tickets or cash, which eliminates any potential mistakes with payments.


You can set up a reward system based on your team’s objectives. You have all the necessary information!


The combination of the wristband and the shop app speeds up the billing process and reduces queuing.

Online & offline

Our cashless system works offline to ensure that payments always run smoothly. You just need a connection to synchronise reports.

Access control

The wristband loads with a unique locator, eliminating falsified tickets. You can offer your attendees the option to receive the wristband in their homes before the event, providing even faster access to the event. You can also receive real time information of the flow of people entering the event and in the event’s different areas, like the VIP area, backstage, press areas, etc.


One wristband, one code. It’s impossible to use a fake ticket. :)


If the attendees get the wristband in advance, the access to the event will be even quicker.

Real time information

Whenever you have a connection, you will know how many people there are in your event and in each area.

Integration with social networks

Brand sponsors are one of the most important sources of revenue for big events. Thanks to the Rfid wristband and its integration with social networks, you can guarantee your sponsors a return on their investment with brand activations before, during and after the event.

Link between online and offline campaigns

Social networks are the best way to transfer the offline experience into an online one.


Including your attendees in marketing campaigns is the best way to establish a relationship with them.


All the milestones will be monitored automatically; you can draw out detailed reports on participation and scope.

Staff management

Thanks to our professional accreditation system, you can easily manage your accreditations for all the collectives of your event: Production, press, artists or presenters...

All in one

You can administer all types of audiences from one accreditation system: Press, VIP, personnel, volunteers...

100% customisable

You can create different forms for each one of your groups, with all the information fields you need.

Control by areas

Not everyone has to go into every area! Each type of accreditation will contain the information about access permissions.

Benefits for the attendees of your event

You offer an innovative product that the end user will appreciate

They will make the most of their time

Access to the event and purchases will be a lot quicker. No one likes waiting around!

They will feel much safer

Carrying money around in your pockets will be a thing of the past. It eliminates the risk of loss or theft!

They will feel like a key player

The activation methods on social networks will give importance to your attendees.

Where to start?

Custom services at custom prices

Listening to you and understanding the problems you face is the only way we can offer you the best services. Once everything is clear, we will draw up a plan and a personalised budget. Shall we talk?

We know each event is unique

That’s why we have customised solutions