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We know how to sell tickets

100% ROI guaranteed

What is it?

ticketea Promo is our advanced marketing service for organisers of all types of events.

We help you create a promotion strategy to reach your objectives and we take care of the implementation. Together, we can optimise your advertising investment and maximise your ticket sales.

Why should you rely on ticketea Promo? You have enough things to worry about! Production, booking, looking for financing… Choosing a marketing agency should be the least of your worries! :) Plus, we guarantee a 100% ROI. In other words: Double your investment!

Who's it for?

ticketea Promo is suitable for all types of event organisers that need help with promotion. It doesn't matter if you organise concerts or professional fairs. Keep in mind that marketing is an investment… an initial budget is required to put the plan in action!

  • Theatres

  • Concerts

  • Exhibitions

  • Fairs and congresses

Why should you choose ticketea Promo?

Creating image is good, knowing how to sell tickets is better

Ticketing experience

We have more than 5 years of experience helping our promoters to sell tickets. We understand the most appropriate market techniques to sell out your events.

Marketing experience

Our team has experts in all areas of marketing: performance, social media, communication, public relations and content marketing.

We understand and have access to your audience

As well as having a qualified database, we are familiar with the different profiles of ticket buyers. And we know how to find them!

Guaranteed results: ROI +100%

We guarantee at least a 100% return on your investment budget. If you invest £10,000, we will return at least £20,000 worth of revenue for your event.

A report with the results

As always with ticketea, you will have complete visibility throughout your campaign. We will analyse which campaigns get the best results and we will decide on the best ways to optimise your budget.

All-in-One Service

Centralising your ticketing and promotion gives you more time to implement your campaigns; much more comfortable for you. :)

Where to start?

Custom services at custom prices

Listening to you and understanding the problems you face is the only way we can offer you the best services. Once everything is clear, we will draw up a plan and a personalised budget. Shall we talk?

We know each event is unique

That’s why we have customised solutions