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The Swiss Army knife for events

Everything you need before, during and after a big event

What is it?

Ticketea Expo is our custom technological solution for the most demanding events. It covers all of your needs before, during and after the event takes place.

Does your event have more than one type of audience? Do you need to manage ticket sales, invitations or passes? Are there various areas where different things are happening? Whatever you may need, ticketea Expo is the answer!

Who's it for?

Ticketea Expo is especially designed for events that require a high level of coordination: large professional fairs, conferences, music or performing arts festivals, sports tournaments, etc.

  • Music festivals

  • Fairs and congresses

  • Sports tournaments

Main features

Extraordinary events need extraordinary solutions


We create a customised ticketing platform, digital and printed, bearing in mind your venue's peculiarities and the information you want to collect.


You can contract our full service or just the parts you need based on your specific event.

Direct access to the dashboard

We offer various access levels so different members of your team can handle specific tasks.


Here you can see our main services

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Everything you need to fill the seats

We handle key issues so everything runs smoothly

Box Office sales

Sell tickets on the day of the event with no headaches. The customised ticketing system keeps all your sales centralised in one place.

Entrance monitoring

Our ticket validation system speeds up the flow of people entering the event and lets you see the volume of people in each area, which helps you distribute resources (security personnel, stock replenishment, etc.).

Information in real time

You need to know about everything going on at your event, fair, tournament or festival. How is the public distributed? How many people are still going to enter? You will have it all just a click away!

Assistance on the day of the event

Whenever you need it, someone from our team will go to your event to lend you a hand…even if it's just for a bit of reassurance. :)

Analyse your results and use the information to optimise your next event

Analytics report

With ticketea Expo you will have information about absolutely everything that goes on in your event: sales, entrance flow, visits...

Complete visibility

You can manage all the profiles that attend your event (attendees, exhibitors, press, invited guests…) and monitor their activity.

Information about your audience

You'll have all the details about your audience. As long as they give consent, you can carry out promotional campaigns for future events and import that information into your own CRM.

Sounds good?

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