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What is it?

ticketea Checkpoint is our free ticket validation app available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android devices. The camera on your phone or tablet works as a scanner, reading QR codes to validate tickets. Not only does it reduce queues and waiting time, it's also incredibly secure. One ticket, one code.

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Who's it for?

Our app is a perfect tool to control the entrance at any type of event: concerts, theatre, professional fairs, training days... Even for free events: There is nothing more annoying than having to stand there waiting for someone to find your name on a paper list!

If your event has more than 1,000 attendees, we have an advanced version that works with PDAs to make the process even faster.

  • Theatres

  • Concerts

  • Exhibitions

  • Fairs and congresses

  • Free events

Main features

Freedom of movement

You only need your mobile to validate the tickets where and when you want.


You can use a number of devices at the same time. You just need an internet connection to synchronise in real time.


The app reads each individual code and alerts you if a code has already been used or is from another event. That way you are sure there are no falsifications.

Manual search

If one of your attendees loses their ticket, you can search directly by name or email address.


We like things to be useful and easy: ticketea Checkpoint is a clear example. In less than a minute you'll be ready to validate tickets!


You'll receive an access control report where you can see who has entered the event and who hasn't, when the biggest crowds arrived, etc. This helps you to optimise resources for future events!

What you need to get started

Download our app

Go to the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android, look for ticketea Checkpoint and install it. It's free!

Enter your session

Enter the code corresponding to your session; you can manually type it or scan it, as you wish. The code is normally sent in an email when sales have closed, but if you are struggling to find it in your emails, you can find it directly in “My control panel” > “Accesses”. Remember that you need an internet connection to enter the code or update the session.

Speed up the entry to your event!

Voila! Now you can start validating the tickets for your event. :)


We have two options to meet your needs

Do it yourself!

If your event has less than 1000 attendees, you can download and use our app completely free. Say goodbye to the paper list!


Recommended for small or medium events

We help you to set up the service

For events with more than 1,000 attendees, it's essential for the entrance to run smoothly and quickly. We recommend our premium service to help speed up the process:

Laser readers

You can rent our PDAs to speed up ticket validation.

Qualified personnel

We can choose people that will help you with the validation.

Multiple platforms

If you sell tickets on other platforms, you can still use our system to validate their tickets.

Sounds good?

Let's talk!

By listening to you and understanding the problems you face, we can offer you the best services.

Do you need it all? Just a part?

We know each event is unique

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