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A gift card for companies

Give experiences, not discounts!

What is the ticketea Card?

If you are looking for an experience based incentive and want to reach a young and dynamic audience, the ticketea Card is perfect!

The ticketea card is a new way to motivate your customers or employees. It is a giftcard which allows them to choose from more than 17,500 events that we have onsale on Ticketea.

With the ticketea Card you don´t give money, you give the gift of excitement!

The ticketea Card lets you

Look after your employees

Show them that they are important to you! Offering your employees lesuire alternatives is a beautiful way of motivation.

Build customer loyalty

Don´t let them leave! Convince your customers to stay with you by offering them what nobody else can: new live experiences!

Capture new clients

Ensuring a new customer chooses you over the competition can sometimes depend on the small details. The gift of an experience is a gift of memorable moments which are never forgotten.

It's what makes us different

No small print

The ticketea Card is valid for all events. Every day. Every session.

100% Personalisable

All communications sent respect/ represent your brand image

Complete Freedom

You decide the amount, whether you want them to be rechargeable and whether you prefer a physical or digital version

How it works

  1. Get in contact with us and together we can see which option best suits your objectives

  2. We´ll send the cards to whoever you tell us to

  3. DONE!
    They just need to decide which event they´d like to go to and use the giftcard like any other debit card