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Your event’s hard ticket office

Sell tickets at the door, at the speed of the Internet

What is it?

Ticketea Boxoffice is a free iPad app that lets you sell hard tickets for your ticketea events. You can use it in your office, at the venue's ticket office or even at the door of a concert.

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Who's it for?

Ticketea Boxoffice is specifically designed to meet the needs of theatre and performing arts promoters, as they tend to be particular events (numbered seating, various sessions of the same event, etc.) It is also the perfect solution if you wish to combine online sales with hard ticket sales: concerts, exhibitions and professional events.

  • Theatres

  • Concerts

  • Exhibitions

  • Fairs and congresses

Main features

The best of the online world, face to face

On the go

You can use it on your iPad wherever you are, even if you want to print hard tickets. The set­up is portable and compact.

In real time

It synchronises with your online sales. You'll also have a full data set of statistics and clients. It's all under control!

Seating self-management

You can sell numbered tickets and assign seats quickly and easily on your own.

Advanced management

We can help you create season passes to encourage spectators to return.

Specialised support

The application has an option for self­diagnostics, and our customer service team will give you a hand whenever you need it.

A fair price

Compare us with any other ticketing service and you will see for yourself. Ah, and you can rent the equipment from us! Ask us :)

What you need to get started

Create your events on ticketea.com

Create an online event in less than 5 minutes, publish it and effortlessly enjoy all the potential of our sales channel. Ah! But remember to click on the “Box office” option when you create your tickets.

Create your event, it's free

Download our app on your iPad

Download and install our free app from the App Store. Log in with your ticketea credentials (the email and password you used to sign up) and you're good to go!

Still not got an account? Create one now!

Connect to your printer

In order to print your tickets wherever you want, you need to be able to connect a printer to the Internet. You can choose from Star, Zebra or Toshiba printers. You can always buy it or rent it from us if you want. :)

Choose the right paper

The printers work with specific paper. You can look for it yourself or ask us, of course.

For your information:

  • Star printers are only compatible with rolls of paper.
  • Zebras work with continuous rolls of paper, official ticketea paper or Zig Zag paper.
    Format: 51 x 85 mm
  • Finally, Toshiba printers are compatible with official ticketea paper.

Start selling!

Reserve, sell and print tickets in person just as quickly as online.

Create your event, it's free

Already have the app installed?

If you need more information, download our user manual or visit our help page.


We have two options to meet your needs

You only pay for what you sell

If you have already set up your events on ticketea, downloaded the app and you have a compatible printer… You're ready to start selling


For free tickets or invitations

Example If you sell 100 tickets, we won't take a thing :)

0.24£ per ticket

VAT not included

For tickets over £10

Example If you sell 100 tickets at £20, you take £1,976 and we get £24

3% per ticket

VAT not included

For tickets under £10

Example If you sell 100 tickets at £5, you take £485 and we get £15

We help you to set up the service

If you would like us to set up your box office, let us know! We can take care of:


You can rent our iPads with the app already installed and your events already loaded.


We can simplify printing by providing compatible devices that print in various sizes.

Paper for your tickets

Don't waste a single second trying to find the right printing paper; we'll sort that for you.


We will come to your venue to help with the installation of anything you may need.


Although our app is very user-friendly, we can train your team on all things necessary.

Technical service

What if something doesn't quite go how it should? You will have our professionals on hand to help you.

Sounds good?

Let's talk!

By listening to you and understanding the problems you face, we can offer you the best services.

Do you need it all? Just a part?

We know each event is unique

That’s why we have customised solutions