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ticketea Boxoffice

Your event’s hard ticket office

Ticketea Boxoffice is a free app on iPad that allows you to sell hard tickets for your event.

ticketea Expo

The Swiss Army knife for events

Ticketea Expo is an advanced technological solution for challenging events, helping you before, during and after the event.

ticketea Rfid

An intelligent solution for demanding events

Thanks to RFID technology we can increase your event’s profitability, optimise the access to your event and manage resources.

ticketea Promo

We know how to sell tickets: ROI 100% guaranteed

We help you to sell more. Ticketea Promo is our advanced marketing service for organisers.

ticketea Checkpoint

Nobody likes being made to wait

Speed up the access to your event. Ticketea Checkpoint is our free iOS and android mobile app that facilitates access control.

ticketea Sites

Manage your own website and sell tickets

Ticketea Sites lets you create and manage your web so you can add events and sell tickets from it.

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In simple terms, we are just different

Do you want to know what makes us special?

  • Self-management

    You can create your event and put your tickets on sale in a matter of minutes. Make changes or improvements whenever you want. There is nothing better than freedom!

  • Custom-made solutions

    We know is not the same to organize a concert, than a race or a professional fair. This is why we have custom-made solutions for all types of events.

  • Professional advice

    Everyone who works at ticketea is an expert in their sector. We were promoters ourselves, so we know what we’re talking about.

ticketea's marketplace services

As soon as you publish your event, our ticketea machinery starts working its magic. We have many different added services so users can find your event easily so you sell more tickets.

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