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Há Fado no Cais - Helder Moutinho

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Há Fado no Cais - Helder Moutinho

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'Há Fado no Cais, Hélder Moutinho' Concert at Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon

A poet and unique interpret, Hélder Moutinho, represents the deepest roots of Fado music of the XXI Century. 

With a powerful, rare and profound emotional voice, Hélder Moutinho is the proof that being a 'Fadista' is singing to life. "O Manual do Coração", the 5th studio work of Hélder Moutinho, with João Moge's original poems, included music with the 'signature' of names such as Carlos Barretto, João Gil, Zeca Medeiros, Manuel Paulo, Marco Oliveira, Mário Laginha, Pedro da Silva Martins and Luís José Martins, Ricardo Parreira or Vitorino.

“O Manual do Coração” was recorded by António Pinheiro da Silva in the "Musibéria" studios in Serpa between December 2015 and January 2016. 

Tickets are available for the 2nd 'Plateia' rear stalls for the price of €16 + booking fees

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